Operating System

We use only Debian operating system without graphical environment. Debian is composed of free and open-source software.

Each of our new FRIPON station are auto deployed using a Debian Preseed file, automatically built for FRIPON systems. At the first boot, new station will connect to a Virtual Private Network (OpenVPN) dedicated to FRIPON. After an automatic remote configuration (supervision systems, scripts, partitioning, time server, etc.), the station becomes visible in the FRIPON cloud.

Detection software

Free software to capTure meteors Freeture is a free open source  meteor detection software (under GPL v3 license) used to monitor the sky with GigE all-sky cameras to detect and record fireballs. It is portable and cross-platform (Linux, Windows). Originally, developed for the FRIPON project, the software can be used for any station equipped with a GigE camera. FreeTure features:

  • Support for GigE cameras (tested with Basler acA1300-30gm and DMK 23G445)
  • Support for USB2.0 cameras (tested with stk1160 and Pinnacle Dazzle DVC 100 video grabber, DMx 31AU03.AS)
  • Internal calculation of Sun ephemeris
  • Night and daytime (experimental) meteor detection modes
  • FITS format in output
  • Possibility to run regular or scheduled long exposure acquisitions
  • Possibility to stack frames in order to keep a record of past images

Note that the FRIPON network uses an adapted version of the Freeture software with small improvements (e.g., sprites detection).

FreeTure sends an e-mail every time an event is detected, and creates a local data structure for each kind of data. In the FRIPON network, a trigger is sent to a central server, and stacked local data are automatically transferred to the central storage facility when needed (grouped by events). FITS files are converted into JPEG images and are made available on the FRIPON data repository

For more details about the next processing steps, consult the Pipeline page.