Perseid meteor shower well-observed by visual and FRIPON observers

Meteor observers could enjoy the Perseids meteor shower this year thanks to ideal viewing for two nights with little interference of moonlight, if local weather permitted. Fireballs of the famous summertime meteor shower were also recorded by the cameras of the FRIPON network.

The activity of Perseids meteor shower was recorded by the cameras of the FRIPON network (Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network) and showed a noticeable increase the fireballs observed each night (see graph below). The observations also culminate in a clear peak on 12-13 August, decreasing per night and shows the clear peak of the meteor shower’s activity. The Perseids are active from

The fireball on the evening of Wednesday 9 August, at 22:41 CEST stood out. A Perseid with the brightness of the Full Moon lit up the sky over a large part of France. It was reported by more than 324 eyewitnesses and simultaneously recorded by 29 FRIPON cameras across France and in England: a record!

Graph of the FRIPON fireball observations during the 2023 Perseids. Source: FRIPON/Vigie Ciel.
Combined view of the visual observers (heat map) and FRIPON stations that observed the Perseid fireball on 9 August 2023. Image: IMO/FRIPON