Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network

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The FRIPON project was approved by the National Research Agency (ANR) in July 2013. Funding received will allow to cover the whole French territory with "Fish Eye" cameras and radio receivers of GRAVES radar signal. Testing equipment has been underway since early 2013 thanks to funding from the Scientific Council of the Observatory of Paris.
The aim is that the definition of all the hardware will be complete for 2014 spring in order to start the project with the fundings in mid 2014. The installation will take place from autumn 2014 until the begining of 2015.
The ANR has also funded engineering time to write all the data processing: image acquisition "pipe line", event detection, storage, databases, astrometry, orbit computation, estimation of the location impact. This work will begin in 2014 with commissioning in 2015.

Fish-Eye images from the Pic du Midi and Paris Observatory FRIPON cameras
The high brightness of the phenomena FRIPON is interested in allows us to install our cameras even in big cities.