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"Vigie Ciel" project

"Vigie Ciel" (Sky Watch) is a project Project of participative science supported by the National Museum of Natural History

In synergy with "Vigie Nature" , "Vigie Mer" (sea) and "Vigie Nature école" , it is the subject of an application for funding for future of "Agence Nationale de la Rénovation Urbaine" : 65 millons of observers. It also includes a component Vigie Ciel Ecole (for School) .

The goal of this project that accompanies FRIPON detection network is to discover meteorites and educate their recognition in order to pick them up when they fell . It is based on the construction of a participative Web site and a human network composed of educational, academic and regional correspondents .

Regional correspondants will have educational materials (eg meteorites, field equipment , magnifier ... ) that can be made ​​available to local clubs. The website will report his observations of meteors and diagnose his findings , and will inform on research cruises on the ground current or past . It will also put online and retrieve video data from FRIPOPN networks and participative Vigie Ciel cameras.