Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network

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Fripon Pathfinder

The FRIPON project took shape during the Rencontres sciences « participatives » organized by the "Rencontres des 2 infinis" in 2011. Fortuitously, a part of the FRIPON team met met: B. Zanda (detection and collection of meteorites), F. Colas (observation of asteroids) and J. Vaubaillon (meteor observation). Since with the help of various structures (Mairie de Paris, Observatoire de Paris, University of South Paris Orsay ...), we were able to install a few cameras to test various configurations, in order to have a clear idea of technology to use by the end of 2013. We will start and quickly deploying the 2014 observation network.
The first images (refreshed every minute) are visible here.

Fripon - Pic du Midi

Pic du Midi Observatory

Fripon - 3 Pignons

3 Pignons (Le Vaudoué)

Fripon - Paris
Paris Observatory